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Assigning User Licenses

In order for a user to have access to Ping or to receive alert notifications they must have a license. There are different types of licenses that can be assigned to a user which allow different levels of access to Ping capabilities. See the Ping Licensing page for more details.

There are two ways to assign licenses:

  • Navigate to Admin > License Allocation (you will need to be logged in as an administrator or the super admin to view this menu)
  • You will see a table that identifies the license types available with a count to help you see what has been assigned.
  • Click on the edit (pencil) icon of the license type you wish to assign users to.
  • The next page will show you two lists of users, on the left those who have not been assigned this license type and on the right those who are already assigned.
  • Select those users you wish to move, use the search to find users easily.
  • Click on the direction arrows to move them from one list to the other.
  • When complete click on update.

Continue to assign users to other license types as required.
Note: a user does not need to be assigned to both a broadcast and a standard licenses. A standard license user can receive broadcast alerts as part of their license.

An alternative approach to assigning licenses is to do this at the user level directly.

  • Navigate to Admin > User Management > Users (you will need to be logged in as an administrator or the super admin to view this menu).
  • Click on assign license on the row for the user in the table.
  • You will see two tables, on the left the licenses that are not assigned to the user and on the right those that are.
  • Select the license type(s) you wish to assign (or remove).
  • Use the arrow buttons to move the license types from one table to the other.
  • Click update when complete.