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Ping Licensing

In order to use Ping you will need a valid license key. If you have downloaded the free trial or purchased a license you should have an email from orders@roxai.com. Please note that this email is sent directly to the billing contact email address that you have provided.
NOTE: If you have not received the license email please check your email spam folder. If you cannot find the email then please contact support@roxai.com

The email contains a license key, a control number and a license JSON file (attachment).

  • Navigate to Admin > License Management (you will need to be logged in as an administrator or the super admin to view this menu)
  • You will see a table with your license listed, click on the edit (pencil) icon.
  • Enter the license key,
  • Enter the control number
  • Enter the registered¬†email. This is the email address the license email was sent to.
  • Upload the license file <organisationName>.json that was attached to the license email.
  • Click Update.