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Export Certificates from Qlik Sense

In order for Ping to connect to Qlik Sense we require certificates to be exported from Qlik Sense for the server on which the Ping server is installed.

  • To export Qlik Sense certificates:
    1. Go to the Qlik Sense Management Console on your Qlik Sense Server
    2. click Start > Certificates
    3. Enter your Machine Name. This will be the IP or machine name of the server.
    4. Enter a password for the certificates
    5. Tick Include Secret Key
    6. Select Platform Independent PEM-Format for the Export File Format
    7. Click Export Certificates
  • You will need to access the Server OS to retrieve these certificates from the relevant folder. The default folder is
    C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Exported Certificates.
  • Copy these certificates to a location that can be accessed by the Ping Server, or by the user doing the setup through the browser.

For more information please see the Qlik help site which details these steps.