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Moving your Ping Alerting install to another server

Moving your Ping Alerting install to another server

Moving your Ping Alerting install to a different server is a relatively straightforward process. All of the important data that is needed for your install is stored in the MongoDB database so this is the critical component that needs to be moved to your new server. The following steps will allow you to do this very easily.

NOTE: These instructions are valid for version 2019.03.02.xx. Version 2019.4 onwards will have a different upgrade process but the database copy and restore process will be the same.

  1. Export the pingalerting database from MongoDB
    • On the command line on the Ping Alerting server enter the following command where the -o directory is the folder you wish to output the database backup to.
      mongodump -d pingalerting -o "c:\MongoDB Backups"
  2. Go to c:\MongoDB Backups and zip the pingalerting folder which contains all of the database collections.
    • Move this zip file to your new server, where you have already installed MongoDB (seeĀ install prerequisites for MongoDB)
    • Unzip this file into a directory, such as c:\MongoDB Backups as used on the old server.
  3. Ensure the install prerequisite steps have been completed on the new server so you will have NodeJS, MongoDB and Redis installed and running.
  4. Import the pingalerting database into MongoDB on the new server
    • On the command line, enter the following command where c:\MongoDB Backups is the folder you used in the -o output directory in step 1
      mongorestore "c:\MongoDB Backups"
    • NOTE: This command assumes that there is only one database in the referenced folder so you will get an error if more than one folder exists within this directory.
  5. Install using the Ping Alerting install file and follow the steps from step 7 of the Upgrade steps (click here) to finish the setup.

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