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Drill into Dimension Alerts

A Drill into Dimension alert allows a user to check the measure against the selected condition(s) across an array of data through one alert. The output of this alert will be the subset of the dimension values that meet the condition as a list with the measure value. This allows you to know directly where the problem with this measure might be, which store, product line, etc.

For example, If you select ‘country’ as the drill to dimension in a sales margin % alert the measure will be returned as an array with country as the dimension and the sales margin % for each country.

Drill into Dimension alerts can also be sent as Managed Shared or Broadcast Alerts to other users if required.

Who can create a Drill into Dimension Alert
All standard users of Ping can create a drill into dimension alert through the Ping web portal or the Ping Qlik extension. There is no specific user privilege to restrict functionality to this type of alert as it is considered a critical part of getting quicker insight into your data.