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Daily Digest Email

(Introduced in version 2019.03.02)
Daily digest functionality allows you to collect those alert notifications which you choose not to receive immediately and send them in one daily summary email. The intent of this functionality is to allow you to focus on those alerts that you can react to immediately whilst allowing you to monitor other alerts which are triggering and need monitoring but you do not need to see immediately as the problem is not going to be resolved quickly. For example a data quality issue which you know is going to take a week to resolve can be shifted to the daily digest to monitor. This should help you manage the amount of alerts your receive and keep you from being overwhelmed.

There are two areas that need to be set to use the daily digest functionality; your global user preferences to set the time for the daily digest email and a setting on each alert to direct it to the daily digest or not.


Setting your Daily Digest User Preferences
  • Click on the avatar in the top menu and select User Preferences.
  • Click on the edit button
  • Click on the Daily Digest Email slider to turn on the daily digest process for your user.
  • In the Daily Digest Email Scheduled Time field enter the time at which you want the daily digest email to send the summary email to you. This will send all triggered notifications from alerts set to send in the daily digest since the last daily digest email was sent to you.


Setting an alert to notify through the Daily Digest Email

By default all alerts will be set up to notify the user immediately and not through the daily digest. To send this alert through the daily digest follow the steps below:

  • In the My Alerts table (Data Alerts) click on the edit (pencil) icon in the right hand column of the alert you wish to change.
  • Click on the update button as the bottom of the screen (scroll down if you need to).
  • Click on the alert schedule section.
  • Click on the daily digest slider to switch it to a daily digest notification.
    Note: the schedule for the alert will remain the same, one reload or at the sheduled times set. It is only the notification that you are switching to be sent as part of the daily digest.
  • Click Save.