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Broadcast Alerts

A broadcast alert allows a user to send triggered notifications from their alerts to one or multiple other users or user groups

How does it work
A recipient of a broadcast alert will receive a notification when the conditions for that alert are met. Ping will query the data based on the credentials of the owner of the alert and share that result with the many recipients. This makes it distinct to a managed shared alert which queries Qlik for each recipient.

Who can create a Broadcast Alert
Broadcast alerts are managed as part of the broadcast alert user privilege. Users will need to have this privilege assigned to them to be able to create broadcast and managed shared alerts.

Who can receive a Broadcast Alert
Recipients need to have either a Ping broadcast license or a full standard Ping license. These recipients do not need to be users in Qlik..

Recipients can unsubscribe from a Broadcast Alert
Recipients of a broadcast alert will be able to unsubscribe from the alert using the link on the email (a link for the mobile application will be added in the near future). The owner of the alert will be able to see which users have unsubscribed or are not receiving the alert due to licensing restrictions in Ping. An unsubscribed user can be resubscribed by the owner of the alert through a link in the edit alert view.