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Changing the Ports to access Ping

Changing the Ports to access Ping

Ping uses port 4551 (http) and port 4552 (https) in default setup. We have used these ports to ensure it is easy to setup on a server that may already have Qlik Sense or another software which reserves the standard 80 and 443 ports. However, these ports can be changed easily and in the example steps below we change them to the standard HTTP ports to allow users to access without using the port suffix. This can be done during the initial setup process or at anytime after the initial setup when logged in as an admin user.

  1. Logon to the Ping Web portal as an admin user
  2. Go to Admin > Ping Settings
  3. Update the Ping HTTPS Port field from 4552 to 443 and the Ping HTTP Port field 4551 to 80 (or whichever other ports you need to use for your purposes)
  4. Restart the Ping Setup service (It won’t apply until this is done)
  5. Logon to Ping as https://<servername> without the port reference

You can only use ports 80 and 443 (or any other chosen ports) if they have not been reserved by another program running on the server.

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