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Ping Intelligent Alerting

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What is Ping Alerting

Ping provides enterprise alerting for your Qlik Sense deployment. It offers self-service capabilities for users to create their own alerts on the data they have access to in Qlik Sense. It also provides the capability for users, often power users, to create and manage alerts for others with Managed Shared and Broadcast alerts.

Do I need to be a licensed Qlik Sense user to receive an alert

In most but not all cases the answer is yes, Ping scans the data in Qlik using your userID and all of the security within Qlik is respected. However, we do offer the capability to Broadcast the result of an alert scan to a wider audience. Recipients of these alerts (with a Ping Broadcast user license) do not need to have access to Qlik, only the alert owner needs licensed Qlik access.

How do I get to try Ping on my data?

We have a free trial option where you can access Ping. We’re pretty confident you’ll find it so powerful you’ll be in touch for more licenses. Check out the download area on the PingAlerting,com website

How do I install Ping?

We have comprehensive install instructions here on the help.pingalerting.com site. It’s a very simple install process with a few pre-requisites that you should check beforehand. Following the install a few simple setup requirements will get you connected to Qlik and setting up your first data alert or system alert.

How do your mobile apps work?

We have both Android and iOS apps (including versions of both for BlackBerry Dynamics) which allow you to receive your alerts directly to your mobile. We use push notifications to ensure you don’t miss a notification regardless of whether you’re connected to your VPN or not. We also allow users, when they can access the network and the Ping server, to edit the alerts through their mobile device to allow a full-featured app experience.

What does the Qlik Sense Extension for Ping Alerting do?

The Qlik Extension for Ping is designed to allow users to easily create their alerts directly from the dashboard. The Ping extension will pick up the current app, sheet and selections so all you need to do is pick the object from which you want to take the measure to set your alert condition against. It’s super simple. If you want to set an alert against a measure that isn’t shown on a dashboard then simply logon to the Ping web portal and create it from there. Select from any master item measure, or enter your own Qlik expression, to be able to create whatever alert you like.

Can I connect to datasources other than Qlik?

A great question. We’re working on connectivity for Tableau, Power BI and any ODBC or API datasource. Keep in touch with us here and we’ll keep you updated on new features in the very near future.

How do I contact RoxAI for support queries?

We would love to hear your feedback and help you if something is not quite working correctly. We’re in the process of creating our support portal for you to log and track your calls but in the meantime contact support@roxai.com and we’ll get right back to you and help you out.